Monday, October 6, 2008

Where the reader learns....

you never cared but you surely lied to me when i was scared
you told me to say by and never fly from the sky and to tell you i never did try
things were easy back when you pleased me
scared goodbyes a bird that will never fly, a broken wing
that never sings
a lie a simple thing with twists and turns where the reader learns!

Words that we forget

words that we forget
that the past never lets sit
things i remember back when we members
lost words a dirty crime for all the slime that is in the
sewers time, police do nothing cause every day ruffing
is nothing to the power of the narrow towers, my words
may not make sense but your words are strong and perverse and
the power of numbers thats what you say to this very day
makes me sick for the trickle of blood can not make me sit and wait for
another word and a knife to cut of my life.....

Things That are Hidden

things we leave behind
things we don't tell
things that make us cry
people who never do well
they've done it before they'll
do it again its part of their makeup
they have a bin all full of sin they pull out
without a word their evil side comes alive and destructive
they love it when they don't have to hide their ugly side
things they.. do their a part of you and i.. forever a lie it is a memory in our past
cause we tried and they lied and their evil
side came alive we thought we were safe
but that was just part of the bait and as our shadows descended upon those
stairs to who knows where... we fought we cried we never figured out why
but its to bad that we died and their alive... so now we cry in the agony of our deaths avenging the shadows that will do this to YOU to! so here i am a poem in hand waiting for you to figure out the truth of what is in hand what is at bait what they can take because your life is at stake your memory at base cause it will face the truthfull fact how evil sin could have been when you were just a baby playing maybe....and didn't know what was truth or a lie
so you almost took the truth or Die!

Night life When Theres A Murder

deep in the nights
shadows that is where
i stay, darting and crossing
that is where the shadows play
sometimes they're scary sometimes
they're nice depends on the night
depends on the life once in a while
me and a shadow sit and watch
the bright moon with its blazing crevices
and splits but now i am running away
from something real its hunting me down
and as i run my foot gets caught i go down without a thought
and their they are standing over me they take me to a place i will
never forget a small cabin that was a small fit now i am dead without
a cry they bound my mouth and left me to die

I have got to say goodbye

i leave you now
i walk away i will
never come back
this way i promise you
this till the day i die
it was a one time thing
i am going to fling myself away into the shadows day
i am leaving thats just how its going to
be if you cry i really won't know why
there is no reason to try so lets hug and say goodbye
and if you follow me don't even try but if you do I'll certainly
know why
so here we go once again trying and now i am crying
and i have got to say goodbye cause never again do i wanna cry....

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hearts are Lost

Hearts are lost,
and i am paying the cost,
yeah hearts are gone,and i am lying alone lost and paying the cost,
love is something i did not deserve before,now i am preserving it,trying to have it,
so i can be it,i want to see it,so please let me be it!
i am not alone in how i feel others like me rack reel,they do not want to be like there creators,
creators what is that word? a shame thats what it should be........
only God can be the creator all things that are and would be,
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Somethings Wrong?

There was a twinkle in your eye that made me cry,
Deluded and mean thats how you seemed,
Now your happy it makes me wonder,
Have you turned a new leaf and started a new plunder,
A thing in your demeanor tells me that your excited,
Something is wrong could this be a sign?
Something in the lines of your face tell me that this is the place,
You sit me down,you tell me things that are not that sound,a opinion turned upside down,
You gave me a hug,gave me a squeeze,told me to sit on the rug and say Please!